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How To Protect Your Company from Employee Theft

Owning a company is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. There’s so much that can go wrong at a moment’s notice, including suffering thefts or fraud by your employees. No doubt you’ve given thought to how to protect your company from employee theft, especially with insiders at your company having so much potential access to valuable items and information.

You likely run background checks of everyone prior to hiring them, but even the cleanest of employees can turn on a dime and steal from your business. Today, the team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security has compiled a list of tips for protecting your company from employee theft.

Steps to Protect Your Company From Employee Theft

Know Your Employees

The first thing you can do is get to know your employees. Be sure every candidate for employment is screened at length before being hired. This includes putting them through a criminal background check as well as a check of their driving record, especially if you have company cars. A private investigator can also follow potential employees or current employees if you have any suspicions about their actions.

Install Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems can help reduce employee theft immensely. When employees know there are cameras placed strategically throughout the office, they likely will refrain from stealing money, supplies, and documents. Make sure you have someone you trust who can monitor the camera feeds for any suspicious activity.

Protect Computers

Protect the computers at the company at all costs. If employees do not need access to specific computer terminals, make sure they do not receive access. Change passwords often, especially if employees who formerly had access have been assigned to a new department or have been terminated from their contract.

Create Procedures and Put Them in Writing

Create a host of procedures that protect your company and put them in writing. Make sure all new employees are provided copies of these procedures during orientation. If you create a new policy, send it to the entire staff via email and make sure they respond that they have read it. You can even have employees sign each procedure and that piece of paper can be placed in their personnel files.

Review Theft Prevention Plans

It’s also important to review the theft prevention plans in place at your company every so often. This is best done with the help of an experienced security team or private investigator. Create a list of your concerns and check off each item if it is being handled appropriately. If not, make sure you find a solution as soon as possible. Ask for recommendations from your security team or PI as to which areas of your company could use heightened security.

Hire an Investigator or Security

You also have the option of hiring a private investigator or security team to protect your company from employee theft. You can have a security guard monitor the cameras you installed or to patrol the building. An investigator can conduct investigations into any employee misconduct or other wrongdoing.

At Reehl Investigations, we specialize in private investigations and getting to the truth about suspicions you may have, including when it comes to employee fraud, background investigations, and workers’ compensation investigations. We get to the truth of the situation, and collect the proof and evidence you need.

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How Private Investigators Play a Key Role in Finding Missing Persons

Private investigators are more than just people you hire to catch an unfaithful spouse or investigate an employee who might steal from your business. Private investigators (PIs) also play important roles in finding missing persons. They often work hand-in-hand with local police departments when children and others go missing.

Reasons to Use Private Investigators for Missing Persons Cases

Most private investigators are former law enforcement officers, so they have been involved in missing person searches in the past and know what it takes to get the job done successfully. One of the benefits of hiring a private investigator for finding a missing person is that you now have access to a vast network of resources. The network of a private investigator includes other PIs in the area as well as paid confidential informants. This is how information is collected on the street. Investigators also work tirelessly scouring social media to find any clues of why or where a missing person might be during the investigation.

Experience Questioning Witnesses

Many PIs also have experience questioning witnesses and other people who are related to the missing person. Obtaining accurate, relevant information from a witness is a special skill that takes years to perfect. Investigators know how to ask the appropriate questions to get answers. PIs will also ask questions of potential suspects and then watch and study their behavior and actions when answering.

The Search

The actual search is another area where private investigators help in how to find a missing person or a lost child. Police departments might not have the tools or the manpower to conduct a massive search. A private investigator usually has the resources to pay for help with the search. They can also search for the missing person on the land, sea, or by the air. Other equipment used during the search includes night-vision goggles, heat cameras, and tracking devices.


Surveillance is a critical component of any investigation and will undoubtedly be used in a missing person case. Surveillance is used to find missing pieces in the investigation and could wind up providing the PI with answers to questions that previously stumped them. State-of-the-art cameras can help the PI obtain evidence that could lead them to the missing person. The PI might conduct surveillance at a specific location or follow a person of interest.

Your Privacy Is a Priority

We respect your need for privacy. In cases where publicity could potentially hurt the case, we will keep this private. Whomever you want to find, a PI can help you. We understand that certain matters may be time-sensitive, so we strive to complete our investigations in an efficient and timely manner.

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Need Help Catching Your Cheating Spouse?

Relationships are hard work. Both people need to sacrifice and learn how to give and take in order to make it work. Even though you might try your hardest, your spouse might not be as faithful as you think or as you hoped. Infidelity is a serious issue that plagues couples all over New Jersey. The experienced and knowledgeable team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security is here to give you some important tips on how to catch a cheating spouse.

Observe Their Phone Habits

One of the first things you can do if you suspect infidelity is to observe the phone habits of your spouse. Do they turn away from your sight line when using their phone at times? Do they always lock their phone when not in use? Do they always take their phone with them everywhere they go in the home? All of these could be signs of someone who is trying to hide another relationship from you. Another phone habit that could signal cheating is if your spouse has a second phone, but their employer did not issue that second phone.

Make a Surprise Visit to Work

Plan a surprise visit to your spouse’s place of employment. Don’t let your spouse know you are planning on stopping by their work so that you can find out if they are there or not. You can also announce at home that you will be working late one day and then wind up coming home early. These little surprises can go a long way in helping you determine if cheating is actually happening.

Keep a Log

One way to catch cheating is to keep a log of your spouse’s actions, purchases, excuses, and work schedule. The log should be kept somewhere your spouse will not find it. Be sure to log as much information as possible because it will be helpful when you talk to a private investigator about your wishes. By keeping records of all your spouse does or says, you will be able to have accurate accounts instead of simply trying to remember off the top of your head. The log will also be helpful when you compare it to your spouse’s purchases, receipts, and other financial documents or vehicle mileage.

Hire a Private Investigator

If the work you conducted in the steps above does not reduce your suspicion of infidelity, it’s time that you hire a private investigator. A private investigator will be able to discreetly follow your spouse throughout the day or for as long as you request. They can take pictures and videos of your spouse at work or at the store to help prove that they are not cheating. Or, these media items could wind up proving your suspicions.

Hire a Private Investigator Today

Do you have a sinking feeling your spouse is cheating on you? Would you like confirmation of this problem prior to confronting your spouse? If so, it’s time to hire a private investigator from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security to conduct an investigation into your spouse. Contact us at 1-609-744-6102 to schedule a consultation with a member of the team.

Reasons You May Need to Hire Armed Security

You might feel safe where you live and where you work, but nowhere is truly safe these days. It’s never a good idea to lull yourself into a false sense of security, especially at work. There are still businesses that operate today without full security measures in place. This means that doors remain unlocked during regular business hours, visitors do not need to check in at the front desk, and there aren’t as many cameras on the property as there should be. Today, the team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security will provide you with some important reasons why you may need to hire armed security.

Personal Safety

Are you a high profile person? Are you in the public eye? At any moment, your personal safety can be jeopardized. Everyday situations can quickly turn life-threatening. Having private security by your side throughout the day offers you peace of mind to go about your professional duties and personal life with confidence.

Protection for Your Estate

Do you live in a gated community or a large estate? These properties are often targeted by criminals looking to score television sets, jewelry, cash, and other items of high value. It might be necessary to hire an armed guard to protect your property, especially if there is no security provided when living in a gated community.

Reduce Risk of Workplace Violence

Is your business struggling with internal problems? Have employees been let go? If you suspect that they might return to the property to hurt current employees, having private security to protect the premises is a good idea. Workplace shootings are becoming a regular occurrence. In 2017 more than 800 individuals in the U.S.were killed on the job. Hiring armed security for your workplace reduces the likelihood of injury to your employees.

Monitor Property Around the Clock

Whether you hire a private guard for your home or business, he or she can help monitor the property around the clock. Having security cameras is a great security measure for your home or business, but when there is no one around to watch the video footage, they aren’t doing much for your security. Hiring a private security guard to monitor the cameras around the clock can help reduce the chances criminals will target your home or business.

Protection from a Stalker

Do you feel like someone is following you? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own home? You might have a stalker, which is not uncommon in today’s world. A private security guard can help protect you from your stalker by walking you to your car and making sure you get home or to work safely at all times of the day or night.

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Do you want to add another layer of protection to your business in New Jersey? Have you been threatened by a former significant other or acquaintance? Are you worried that you are not safe in all you do? If so, it’s time to call Reehl Investigations LLC & Security to discuss hiring armed security. Our private security guards have years of law enforcement experience and can assist you at all times of the day or night. Contact us today at 1-609-744-6102 to add peace of mind to your life.

Using Background Checks for Online Dating

Are you involved in online dating? Are you considering meeting someone online? If so, it is a smart idea to run a background check on the people you meet online. Background checks can be conducted on anyone you come across, and when you run these checks with the help of Reehl Investigations LLC & Security, you will be working with some of the most experienced private investigators in New Jersey. So, what are the benefits of running background checks for online dating?

Confirm the Person is Real

One of the biggest benefits of an online dating safety check is that you can confirm whether or not the person is real or who they say they are. You can perform the first portion of the background check by reviewing their social media profile for real photos, information, if they have friends or family members listed and links to other profiles you can cross-reference.

Check Their Criminal Record

If you have gone out on one or two dates with someone you met online, you have their name and likely their address. You can send this information to private investigators so they can run a background check on your date. Investigators will be able to tell you if your date has a criminal record, anything on their driving record, and can even cross-check the state’s sex offender registry to see if their name appears.

Avoid Abuse

A background check conducted by a licensed and experienced investigator can help you avoid entering into an abusive relationship. An alarming statistic about dating and abuse is that every minute, 24 people in the United States are victims of rape, violence, or stalking by someone with whom they are intimate.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Depending on how in-depth you’d like the investigation to go, you could even find out about your date’s marriage and divorce history. If you don’t want to date someone who has been divorced, you can find out before you get too involved in a relationship. The same can be said about dating someone who winds up being married.

Learn about Your Date

Asking for a private investigator to check the background of someone you met online is not a trust issue. It is helping you stay safe and avoiding being hurt before you get too involved with the person. You might think that you know the person well, especially if you have been communicating with them quite often online, but there might be skeletons in his or her closet that you deserve to know about before meeting them in-person. Did the person claim that they’ve recently moved to the area? You might be able to find out if this is true or if they have been living in the area for most of their life.

Schedule a Background Check Today

Are you ready to have a background check run on the person you met via online dating? If so, be sure you schedule the background check with one of the experienced investigators from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security by calling 1-609-744-6102 today. You can also complete a contact form and one of our investigators will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Does a Private Investigator Need a License?

If you are considering hiring a private investigator, it’s a good idea to do a little research into the requirements to operate as one. You should never hire a private investigator who does not follow the laws governing their profession, including licensing. Today, the team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security will explain the requirements that private investigators must meet in order to practice their profession.

Do PIs Need to be Licensed in All States?

As of right now, there are just five states that do not require private investigators to obtain a license to practice. Those five states include Alaska, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Although there are no state requirements, Alaska and Wyoming enact local requirements for licensing of private investigators.

How Private Investigators Become Licensed

In order for a private investigator to obtain a license to practice in the states that require them, the interested party will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Education and experience
  • Application procedures
  • Renewal procedures
  • Mandatory firearms training
  • Firearms certification
  • Firearms certification renewal

Other requirements include the following:

  • Minimum age of 21 (some states require PIs to be 25, including New Jersey)
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Hold citizenship or residency in the United States

In New Jersey, the licensing for private investigators is handled through the State Police. The licenses available for private investigators in New Jersey include the following:

  • Corporate
  • Individual
  • Corporate license officer
  • LLC license member
  • LLC license
  • Partnership license

Hiring a Reputable, Experienced PI

If you are looking for a private investigator to conduct an investigation into a cheating spouse, an employee who might be stealing from your business, or a neighbor who has been harassing your family; it’s important to hire a reputable, experienced private investigator. A PI who has experience in the field and who comes highly recommended will be able to provide you with the results you desire from the investigation. They will also have the required license to practice, know the laws of where they practice, and know what they can and cannot do to acquire information or evidence.

Finding a Reputable PI

Never used a private investigator? If not, you need to know how to go about finding a reputable PI in your area. Be sure to follow the tips outlined below in determining whether or not a private investigator is reputable:

  • Ask for a referral from someone you trust
  • Check the license status of the PI
  • Find out if they have business insurance
  • Discuss their confidentiality policy
  • Find a comfort level with the PI
  • Ask for and sign a contract
  • Determine the fee ahead of time
  • Examine prior successful cases of the PI

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The Benefits of Hiring Private Security for Your N.J. Business

Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to manage the daily operations, the hiring and firing, the payroll, and customer service. All of this can be daunting, especially when it is a small business. You might not have the help you need on the administrative side to spread the responsibilities around to others. Another important aspect of running a business is making sure your employees are protected. Today, the team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security will provide you with the benefits of hiring private security for your N.J. business.

Crime Deterrent

Hiring private security guards for your New Jersey business will help as a crime deterrent. Many businesses that sell products and goods, especially in highly trafficked areas like malls, will hire security guards. When there are high-priced items like phones, purses, electronics and other items present, a company will take the extra step to secure its bottom line aside from simply installing security cameras.

Improve Service Offered to Customers

A security guard can also improve the service you are able to offer your customers. For example, they can walk customers to their cars at night or provide them with directions to the right department within your store. Many guards will take pride in where they work, ensuring that there are no hazards at your store or office that can lead to accidents involving your staff or customers.

Quick Response Time

Having an armed security guard at your business in New Jersey will help to speed up the response time to any type of incident. The incident doesn’t have to just be related to security or crime. A security guard can assist if an employee goes into cardiac arrest by grabbing the automated external defibrillator (AED) off the wall and bringing it to where the employee is located. The guard could also help administer CPR – if trained – and even provide first aid.

Around the Clock Monitoring

Do you run a business where employees are present around the clock? Is your business home to sensitive information or products? If so, you might want to consider hiring an armed guard for 24/7 security. Knowing that someone is watching your business around the clock can help you sleep better at night. Any incident that arises in the middle of the night can be handled in the same amount of time as the daytime hours, reducing loss to your business.

Provide a Sense of Security

Quite possibly one of the biggest benefits of hiring private security for your New Jersey business is that it will provide you and your staff with a sense of security. It doesn’t matter where your business is located; crime can occur anywhere at any time. When your employees have a sense of security, they will be able to focus better on their duties, helping your company be more productive.

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What to Do When an Ex-Employee Threatens Your Staff

The thought of firing an employee is a stressful one. You have likely built a file against them for months on end, documenting every single thing they’ve done against company policy as well as complaints filed by co-workers and others from the company. When you finally decide to fire the employee, there’s a lot that could go wrong, including the former employee making threats against your staff. Here are some tips for what you should do when an ex-employee threatens your staff.

Hire a Security Team of Private Security Guards

If you are concerned with any action the former employee might take against your staff, you should consider hiring a security team. An experienced security team can provide your company and its property with plenty of protection. Whether you need a security guard for the parking lot, parking garage, the lobby, or anywhere else on the property, it can be provided to ensure that your employees feel safe at all times. These guards can also escort employees to and from the office to their vehicles and vice versa.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are an important part of the protection you can provide your employees. They will be able to monitor a large area of your property, both inside and outside, and capture any incident that involves your employees. When there are security cameras present, you reduce the likelihood of an incident happening.

Increase Parking Lot Lighting

Is the lighting in your parking lot dim or ineffective? It might be time to install extra lighting. Make sure all corners are lit, as well as all walkways or hallways that lead to the parking lot or parking garage. You should also consider adding lights to the loading docks, basement, lobby and other common areas of your company.

Hire Armed Guards

There is a difference between a security team and armed guards. Most security teams hired for workplaces and complexes are unarmed. They usually only carry a flashlight and some mace. Some might have batons. If the threat is substantial, you might want to consider hiring armed guards to patrol your workplace. This might frighten the employees at first, but they will get used to it when they find out about the threat.

Inform the Authorities

Even though it is a smart decision to hire a security team or armed guards and improve the lighting at your workplace, you also need to inform the authorities of the threat. Documenting the threat with the local law enforcement agency will make it easier to prosecute the former employee if they ever step foot on your property again. You could also explore obtaining a restraining order or no trespass order.

Contact a Security Team Today

Have you recently fired an employee and are worried they will threaten your staff? Has your staff received threats from a former employee? If so, there’s no time to waste. You need to contact the trusted and knowledgeable team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security to add a security team to your property. Call the office at 1-609-744-6102 to schedule a consultation at your company.

The Importance of Knowing the Difference

Do you own a company? Do you need to hire a nanny for your child? Are you hiring a caretaker for an elderly loved one or a disabled child? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will want to have a background check performed prior to making a decision as to who you will hire. It’s also important to conduct a background investigation into the applicants for the position you are filling. Here are the key differences and why it’s important to conduct both before hiring.

The Background Check

A background check is used in various situations to learn more about a candidate. A background check might not necessarily provide you with a clear picture of a person’s criminal record, but more so their driving record, education, credit, drug use and references. A background check is a great way to find out if a candidate for your job is lying on their resume or application. Portions of the check won’t cost you any money either, such as the reference check. Most background checks these days also consist of looking into the social media use of the candidate to see what type of content they post online.

If you decide to conduct a background check for a new candidate you will need to obtain their permission to look into the following items from their life:

  • Credit history
  • Driving record

You do not need permission to check the education of the candidate, the references provided, or to send them for a drug test. Almost all employers require that their candidates go for a drug test or else they will not be offered employment.

The Background Investigation

As important as the background check is to the hiring process for any type of job, you should still conduct a background investigation. An investigation will dig much deeper into your candidate’s personal life and history than a typical background check. Some of the components of a background investigation include the following:

  • Check of sexual offender lists
  • Verification of the candidate’s identity and their citizenship (determining if they are legally permitted to work in the United States)
  • Review of previous employment and previous addresses (helps verify that there are no gaps caused by time in jail)
  • Review of county, state, and federal records to ensure that your application did not hide anything important from your past

It doesn’t cost much more than a background check to have a background investigation conducted for all of your candidates. In fact, both are so affordable that you should have both a background check and background investigation conducted for your candidates. There’s really no price you shouldn’t pay to protect your business, your loved ones, your clients, your current employees or anyone else who will be around the candidate when hired.

Call Reehl Investigations Today

The next time your business needs to hire a new employee, or if you are looking to hire a caretaker for a sick family member, you should conduct both a background check and investigation into the candidates. Contact Reehl Investigations LLC & Security today at 609-744-6102 to schedule a consultation with an experienced member of the team.

Using a Private Investigator to Prove Infidelity

Infidelity is a leading cause of broken relationships. Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, infidelity can quickly bring an end to your bond no matter how long you’ve been with your significant other. Cheating is a serious problem that many people can never forgive, especially if it has become a pattern. Do you suspect that your significant other is cheating on you? Do you want to collect enough evidence of the infidelity before accusing them of such an action? If so, you will want to use a private investigator (PI) to conduct some surveillance.

Put Your Worries to Rest

Are you concerned about the actions of your significant other when they are at work or outside of work? Do you want to put to rest your worry and fear that they are cheating on you? If so, hiring a private investigator to surveil your significant other is a smart move to make. The results of the investigation will either ease your fears or confirm your suspicions. Either way, you will have a definitive answer as to what has been happening behind your back. Having concrete evidence that either proves or disproves infidelity can help your stress levels immensely.

Discrete and Professional Surveillance

When you hire a private investigator due to the suspicion of infidelity, you will be working with someone who offers discreet and professional surveillance tactics. You should never try to conduct surveillance of your significant other yourself because of your lack of professional experience. A private investigator will be able to collect evidence, including pictures and videos, without ever being discovered by your target.

Quick Confirmation

A private investigator can likely confirm suspicions of infidelity quickly, especially if you present the PI with concrete signs of cheating. It might not take long for the PI to collect some photos or other evidence of infidelity, allowing you to review the report and then move forward with your life.

A Thorough Investigation

If you are concerned that your significant other might be doing more than just cheating (like living a second life), a private investigator will be able to conduct a thorough investigation. For example, are you worried that your significant other is cheating on their spouse with you? Or, are you worried your spouse is also married to someone else or has another family? This can be extremely difficult to prove when you don’t have anything other than suspicions. A private investigator will be able to look deep into the life of your significant other to ascertain what it is they are up to when not at work or home.

Cheating Spouse? Call Reehl Investigations Today

Are you under the belief that you are being cheated on in New Jersey? Do you want to reassure yourself that your significant other is being true to you? If so, you will want to hire an experienced private investigator to conduct some surveillance. Call the trusted team from Reehl Investigations LL & Security at 1-609-744-6102 to schedule a consultation today.