How To Protect Your Company from Employee Theft

Owning a company is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. There’s so much that can go wrong at a moment’s notice, including suffering thefts or fraud by your employees. No doubt you’ve given thought to how to protect your company from employee theft, especially with insiders at your company having so much potential access to valuable items and information.

You likely run background checks of everyone prior to hiring them, but even the cleanest of employees can turn on a dime and steal from your business. Today, the team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security has compiled a list of tips for protecting your company from employee theft.

Steps to Protect Your Company From Employee Theft

Know Your Employees

The first thing you can do is get to know your employees. Be sure every candidate for employment is screened at length before being hired. This includes putting them through a criminal background check as well as a check of their driving record, especially if you have company cars. A private investigator can also follow potential employees or current employees if you have any suspicions about their actions.

Install Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems can help reduce employee theft immensely. When employees know there are cameras placed strategically throughout the office, they likely will refrain from stealing money, supplies, and documents. Make sure you have someone you trust who can monitor the camera feeds for any suspicious activity.

Protect Computers

Protect the computers at the company at all costs. If employees do not need access to specific computer terminals, make sure they do not receive access. Change passwords often, especially if employees who formerly had access have been assigned to a new department or have been terminated from their contract.

Create Procedures and Put Them in Writing

Create a host of procedures that protect your company and put them in writing. Make sure all new employees are provided copies of these procedures during orientation. If you create a new policy, send it to the entire staff via email and make sure they respond that they have read it. You can even have employees sign each procedure and that piece of paper can be placed in their personnel files.

Review Theft Prevention Plans

It’s also important to review the theft prevention plans in place at your company every so often. This is best done with the help of an experienced security team or private investigator. Create a list of your concerns and check off each item if it is being handled appropriately. If not, make sure you find a solution as soon as possible. Ask for recommendations from your security team or PI as to which areas of your company could use heightened security.

Hire an Investigator or Security

You also have the option of hiring a private investigator or security team to protect your company from employee theft. You can have a security guard monitor the cameras you installed or to patrol the building. An investigator can conduct investigations into any employee misconduct or other wrongdoing.

At Reehl Investigations, we specialize in private investigations and getting to the truth about suspicions you may have, including when it comes to employee fraud, background investigations, and workers’ compensation investigations. We get to the truth of the situation, and collect the proof and evidence you need.

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