Burlington County Private Investigators

At Reehl Investigations, we welcome you to work with our dedicated Burlington County private investigators.

We use the best resources available, providing a personal touch to ensure the investigative needs of Burlington County citizens and businesses.

Sometimes in life, you have to face uncomfortable truths. You may have suspicions or gut feelings about your spouse or an employee, and while you may have reason to trust your gut, it's far better that you know the actual truth...and that you have evidence to support what you know.

As a full service private investigation and armed security firm, we are dedicated to the success of each assignment and to getting to the truth.

Using an unrivaled level of dependability, integrity and professionalism, we have developed a thorough understanding of the Burlington communities.

Burlington County Private Investigators

When it comes to private investigations, you need a team that can accumulate information and create an action plan to uncover the mysteries in your life. With questions unanswered and uncertain understandings, your life could be filled with stress, anxiety and confusion. As a company, we intend to deliver exceptional services through expertise in expansive investigative matters and attention to detail.

We serve to secure your peace and keep your focus on the future by dissecting the present. Use our contact form to reach out to us. Our Burlington County private investigators will review your message and do our best to devise a plan.

We also help you to deal with the problem and move forward, with post-evidence alternatives. Dealing with the stress of finding that you have been taken advantage of by someone you trusted is never easy. If we present evidence of a truth that is hard for you to swallow, we help you move forward...with processing the information, making a plan for your next step, taking appropriate action and dealing with the emotional stress. It's time for you to put an end to being treated badly, and hold people that cause you pain accountable with evidence of their wrongdoing.

Expert Burlington County Private Investigators Services

Our services in private investigations include:

Worker's Comp Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Employee Investigations
Alimony & Child Support
Spousal Investigations
Background Investigations
Missing Persons
Post Evidence Alternatives

If you own a business and have a need, reach out to us today. We have had several businesses contact us to investigate workers compensation claims that may be false. With our combined 200 years of law and security experience, we’ve been able to protect businesses from fraudulent claims.

Let us extend this level of investigation to you. Leave your information with us here to tell us what you would like to dive into to protect your interests. 

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