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REEHL Investigations & Security is a leading corporate entity specializing in fraudulent worker's comp investigations in South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. With our extensive expertise in this field, we cater specifically to cases related to worker's compensation. Our primary objective is to protect businesses from the detrimental effects of fraudulent claims by conducting thorough investigations.

In instances where a worker's claim raises suspicions, such as the absence of witnesses to the alleged accident, delayed filing of the claim, or the submission of multiple claims, our team at REEHL Investigations steps in.

We diligently examine the veracity of the claimant's injury and ascertain whether it genuinely resulted from employer negligence.

worker's comp investigations in South Jersey
worker's comp investigations in South Jersey

We understand that individuals can devise intricate schemes to exploit the system for personal gain. However, our commitment to uncovering hard evidence serves as a deterrent against insurance fraud. By utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance techniques, we are able to capture compelling video footage that exposes the true extent of a claimant's disability. Whether it involves documenting their involvement in physical activities such as playing a full round of golf or engaging in construction work for a home addition, our video evidence acts as a powerful tool in preventing fraudulent claims.

Should you require the services of a trusted & skilled fully licensed private investigator for worker's comp investigations in South Jersey or Pennsylvania, look no further than REEHL Investigations. Our team comprises professional and experienced surveillance investigators who possess the necessary licenses in both states.

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