Reasons You May Need to Hire Armed Security

You might feel safe where you live and where you work, but nowhere is truly safe these days. It’s never a good idea to lull yourself into a false sense of security, especially at work. There are still businesses that operate today without full security measures in place. This means that doors remain unlocked during regular business hours, visitors do not need to check in at the front desk, and there aren’t as many cameras on the property as there should be. Today, the team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security will provide you with some important reasons why you may need to hire armed security.

Personal Safety

Are you a high profile person? Are you in the public eye? At any moment, your personal safety can be jeopardized. Everyday situations can quickly turn life-threatening. Having private security by your side throughout the day offers you peace of mind to go about your professional duties and personal life with confidence.

Protection for Your Estate

Do you live in a gated community or a large estate? These properties are often targeted by criminals looking to score television sets, jewelry, cash, and other items of high value. It might be necessary to hire an armed guard to protect your property, especially if there is no security provided when living in a gated community.

Reduce Risk of Workplace Violence

Is your business struggling with internal problems? Have employees been let go? If you suspect that they might return to the property to hurt current employees, having private security to protect the premises is a good idea. Workplace shootings are becoming a regular occurrence. In 2017 more than 800 individuals in the U.S.were killed on the job. Hiring armed security for your workplace reduces the likelihood of injury to your employees.

Monitor Property Around the Clock

Whether you hire a private guard for your home or business, he or she can help monitor the property around the clock. Having security cameras is a great security measure for your home or business, but when there is no one around to watch the video footage, they aren’t doing much for your security. Hiring a private security guard to monitor the cameras around the clock can help reduce the chances criminals will target your home or business.

Protection from a Stalker

Do you feel like someone is following you? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own home? You might have a stalker, which is not uncommon in today’s world. A private security guard can help protect you from your stalker by walking you to your car and making sure you get home or to work safely at all times of the day or night.

Call Today to Hire Armed Security

Do you want to add another layer of protection to your business in New Jersey? Have you been threatened by a former significant other or acquaintance? Are you worried that you are not safe in all you do? If so, it’s time to call Reehl Investigations LLC & Security to discuss hiring armed security. Our private security guards have years of law enforcement experience and can assist you at all times of the day or night. Contact us today at 1-609-744-6102 to add peace of mind to your life.