South Jersey Business Fraud Investigators

South Jersey business Fraud Investigators

Our team is devoted to being South Jersey business fraud investigators you can depend onto find the truth. Hiring a professional to investigate the legitimacy of a business matter is how business owners uncover risks and potential losses to their companies.

As an investigative team, we help all varieties of businesses with fraud concerns using a skilled and educated team. At Reehl Investigations and Security, our clients receive exceptional services through expertise in extensive investigative matters.

We are private investigators who follow our subjects closely while remaining hidden in the background. We will find out the truth of whether someone is faking an injury, claiming more than they should from an insurance company, or defrauding their employer. We also investigate employers, and ensure they are not perpetrating frauds on consumers and employees.

We understand the importance of protecting your business. That’s why we will go the extra mile to look into a company’s acquisitions, venture capital, mergers, private equity, and more. We work with a large network of investigation outfits to see if there is activity involved in fraud, embezzlement or money laundering present.

Using the best minds for a safe and productive environment, Reehl also lends itself to employers who need to do some digging on their employees who are suspected of false claims. Our team also specializes in insurance fraud investigations and false insurance claims. Everything from mismanagement, employee misconduct, or third party fraud – everyone is subject to the possibility of fraudulent claims.

We’ve uncovered the truth behind false worker’s compensation claims such as:

  • A woman who claimed injury to her left knee and back.
  • A woman who claimed to be injured and unable to work. However, her injuries do not appear to have impacted her ability to unload a vehicle or play fetch with her dog.

With our attention to detail and investigations that are conducted with integrity, you can expect the highest quality of professionalism and accurate documentation. We not only get to the truth for you, we collect the necessary evidence and proof so that you have the facts on your side when it comes time to take on the individual or individuals perpetrating the fraud.

You can read more details about how our South Jersey business fraud investigators uncovered the truth here. We are always efficient and discreet. Our staff helps people just like you get answers that only experienced private investigators have the skills to obtain. Our founder Ed Horner, has over 26 years of combined experience in Law Enforcement and Private Investigation, and he is a proud member of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association (NJLPIA).

Are you in need of investigations concerning business? Contact us today, and we’ll get started on protecting your company by uncovering the truth.