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How to Hire a Private Investigator the Right Way

It’s not uncommon for someone to hire a private investigator and then feel like you’ve made the wrong choice. If you’ve hired a private investigator in the past, did you do it correctly? Did you choose the right person? If you are planning to hire a PI in the future, it’s important that you do it the right way so you aren’t disappointed with the results of the investigation led by the PI that you hire. The team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security has compiled some tips for hiring a private investigator the right way so your case is handled appropriately.

Does the Investigator Interview You?

The best investigators out there will interview you before agreeing to take on your case. Why? It’s so they make sure what you are asking for is not illegal. The best PIs will not conduct an investigation that involves illegal tactics or any other illicit activities. If the private investigator you are interested in does not interview you, it’s a good bet that they might not be on the up and up and you should back away from them immediately.

Does the Firm Have a Speciality?

Does the private investigator specialize in any activity or investigation? Are you specifically looking for a PI who helps identify infidelity? If so, you will want to sign with a firm that handles these types of cases and not just general investigations. Find out the various assignments the firm specializes in before signing on the dotted line. This information will help improve your chances of being happy with the results of the investigation.

Set a Budget and Agree to Terms

Make sure you set a budget before agreeing to terms with the private investigator you choose in New Jersey. The costs of hiring the private investigator shouldn’t break the bank or your budget. If you let the PI know what your budget is, they will likely work with that budget and not try to get more money out of you than you can afford. Once a budget is set you can agree to terms and sign the contract.

Meet the Investigator in Person

It’s best to meet the investigator in person, hopefully, at a brick-and-mortar office in which they operate. This initial meeting makes it much easier to see that it is a legitimate business with a proven track record. Meeting the investigator in person makes it easier to build a relationship, get into a comfort zone, and see if the answers provided are truthful.

Ask for References

Always ask for references from previous or current clients when hiring a private investigator. References are a great way to determine the track record of the investigator and whether or not they have been successful in the past.

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Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

There might come a time in your life where you need to hire a private investigator for one reason or another. The top private investigators are licensed to practice in more than one state, which helps them do their job of trailing a subject to numerous destinations. Private investigators from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security are licensed to practice in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and have combined 200-plus years of law enforcement experience. Our staff has compiled a list of reasons why you should hire a private investigator.

Locate Someone from Your Past

Locating someone from your past is one of the most common reasons people choose to hire a private investigator. Maybe it’s a former significant other. Maybe it’s your birth mother or father. Maybe it’s a long-lost sibling. No matter the situation; a private investigator can take the information you provide them and track down the person from your past you wish to speak with or see again.

Prove Infidelity

Do you have a sinking feeling that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? A private investigator in NJ will be able to surveil them at work, after work, and everywhere else they go without giving themselves away from that someone is following them. An investigator might be able to recover deleted messages from your family computer that could prove infidelity. An investigator can also take pictures and videos of your significant other or spouse in an effort to help prove your point that they are cheating.

Investigate Possible Employees

Do you own a business? If so, you might want to go the extra mile and have a private investigator conduct their own investigation into any possible employees before they are offered a job. This type of investigation is much more in-depth than a typical criminal background check conducted by local law enforcement. This is an important option for any company that handles sensitive or classified information.

Find Hidden Assets

Do you have a feeling that your spouse is hiding assets from you? Whether it’s a separate bank account or investment assets, you are well within your rights to find out what these funds or assets are and where they are being held. It takes a lot to make a marriage succeed. You don’t want to spend hours on end at counseling sessions and then find out your spouse has been hiding assets the entire time you were married.

Verify an Injury

If you own a business you will want to do everything possible to protect it. This includes ensuring that an employee is actually injured when they file a claim. It’s not uncommon for employees to fake an injury to simply receive workers’ compensation benefits. Your business will continue to lose money if an employee is faking an injury. That’s why it’s important to have a private investigator follow your employee to ensure he or she is not faking the injury they claim happened on the job.

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Workers Compensation Investigation in Moorestown, NJ

This workers compensation investigation in Moorestown, NJ focuses on a woman who claimed injury to left knee and back resulting in knee pain and herniated T-8, T-9 and T-10 discs. Our objective was to determine her capabilities to see if she was in fact seriously injured in a way that would prevent her return to work. As you can see, she was clearly able to lift bowling balls without issue.

SUBJECT: Susan XXXX, of Moorestown, NJ 08057. Subject is a white female, approximately 5’3 250lbs. Subject drives a Silver Lincoln Navigator NJ Registration XXXXX and a Black Audi SUV NJ Registration XXXXX

CASE OBJECTIVE: Determine the activity of above listed subject. Subject is claiming injury to her left knee and herniated discs of T-8,9 and 10.

SURVEILLANCE: 12/26/16 | WEATHER: Cloudy 44 degrees

1026 AM: Investigator arrives at XX XXXX Rd. Moorestown, NJ 08057. Investigator observes a Two story single family home. The home is a brick front with black shutters and two car garage. There are two vehicles at the home. Both listed above. Investigator sets up stationary surveillance as the subject is not seen at this time.

12:04 PM Scene remains the same as above. There is no movement from the residence. Investigator continues stationary surveillance.

12:45 PM Female matching description of subject exits residence from garage with three kids. Kids are apparently the subject’s and are approximately between 16 and 9. One of the kids is known to have birth limitations. They all exit in the Black Audi. Mobile surveillance is initiated.

1:06 PM The vehicle arrives at a bowling alley on Rt. 73 in Maple Shade NJ. The subject drops the kids off at the door, parks the vehicle and exits. She is seen entering the bowling alley via the front door. She is wearing a long blue winter coat and black legging pants with sneakers. Investigator goes inside bowling alley and observes subject pick up a bowling ball but does not bowl.

2:20 PM Subject is then observed entering the bar/food area of the bowling alley. She is observed entering up steps while carrying a bowling ball bag on her shoulder. She appears to have no apparent limitations.

3:00 PM Subject and her children leave the bowling alley. The kids are now all carrying their bowling balls, place in vehicle and they all enter vehicle and exit scene. Investigator initiates mobile surveillance.



Workers Compensation Investigation in Southampton, NJ

This workers compensation investigation in Southampton, New Jersey focuses on a woman who claimed to be injured and unable to work. Her injuries do not appear to have impacted her ability to unload a vehicle or play fetch with her dog. Our objective was to determine her level of activity to see if she could in fact return to work.

SUBJECT: Jacqueline XXXXX of XXXX Drive Southampton, NJ.  White female, blonde hair 61 years of age. Subject drives Grey Chevrolet SUV NJ Plate XXX. There also is a Grey Mini-Van at the home with NJ Plate XXX.

SURVEILLANCE: 7/5/17 | WEATHER: Clouds/Rain 89

10:13 AM: Investigator arrives at XXXXX Drive Southampton, NJ. Home is a single family one story home with a brick front and gold siding with a single garage. Grey Chevrolet above is parked in drive way. The Grey mini-van is parked along the curb in front of home. Subject is not seen at this time. Investigator sets up for stationary surveillance.

10:24 AM: Subject leaves residence. Investigators position catches vehicle leaving residence. Investigator initiates mobile surveillance. Subject is driving and proceeds to a WaWa convenience store. Subject is observed exiting store and entering her vehicle. Subject is smoking a cigarette and shows no apparent discomfort getting into vehicle. She is wearing a red shirt, blue sweat pants and has her hair up in a ponytail. Subject leaves scene and Investigator initiates mobile surveillance.

10:48 AM: Subject then drives her vehicle to a Wells Fargo Bank. She exits vehicle and enters bank. She then exits bank and is seen bending over and picking something up off the ground. The subject shows no apparent discomfort in her movements. She leaves scene and Investigator initiates mobile surveillance.

11:33AM: Investigator observes subject arriving to an address: XXXX Drive Mt. Laurel, NJ. Subject is not seen entering address as Investigator positioned for stationary surveillance. Subject’s vehicle is observed in driveway of residence. Subject is then observed exiting residence via front door. Subject is seen taking items from the house to vehicle. She then removes items from her vehicle and carries into home. Subject again shows no apparent discomfort in her carrying action.

1:29 PM: There is no movement from the residence. Subject remains inside of residence. Investigator continues stationary surveillance.

2:05 PM Subject exits residence. She is seen carrying a couple items in her arms. She walks to vehicle. Again, subject shows no apparent discomfort in her actions. She then sits in her vehicle for over five minutes. There is no movement during this period. She then exits the scene. While on mobile surveillance subject pulls off onto shoulder of highway. Investigator has to continue driving as there was no action that could be taken with subject’s action. Investigator then returns to subject’s residence and her vehicle is in driveway. Investigator sets up for stationary surveillance.

Investigation Day 2

12:01 PM Subject is seen exiting residence via front door and walking to mailbox which is at the end of driveway. She retrieves the mail and walks up to front porch. She then exits investigators view of front porch. She then reenters camera and goes back inside residence. Subject moves with no apparent discomfort. Investigator continues stationary surveillance.


1:00 PM Subject returns outside to interact with white male believed to be her son. The male has a black dog that he takes out of the back of her truck. The subject is then seen outside for approximately fifteen minutes. She is seen bending over, throwing a dog toy for the dog to fetch and bring back. She is seen holding dogs leash and walking dog. Subject again shows no apparent discomfort. After interacting with male and dog subject returns back inside residence. Investigator continues stationary surveillance.

3:00 PM Investigator ends surveillance. Subject remains in residence. All vehicles present.



How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

If you suspect your spouse is bring unfaithful, it can be a truly painful and stressful time, but if your instincts are strong it’s best for you to know the truth. If you are curious about how to catch a cheating spouse, reach out to REEHL Investigations…we’ll provide you with what you need most in this situation: hard evidence. When infidelity leads to the breakup of a marriage, you will want evidence to present in a courtroom and to tell your story.

Marriages may seem made in heaven when they begin, but things happen. You may find that the person you’ve committed your life to isn’t the person you thought he or she was. Or maybe you’ve come to realize that that person isn’t going to change their ways from when they were single. You may feel deceived, foolish and embarrassed by what you’re sensing…your spouse is “working late” all the time, behaves differently when their lover is in the room, frequently projects and accuses you of infidelity, or gives other clues in some form or another.

It’s time for you to get to the truth and move forward out of this stressful situation. Let REEHL Investigations help; we’re experts at how to catch a cheating spouse. Our experienced private investigators use multiple methods, including video and audio surveillance, examining phone and e-mail records, and more. We gather real evidence for you to use going forward, and we also can help you with post-evidence alternatives for psychologically facing a painful truth.

If your spouse is being unfaithful, get solid evidence to prove it. Remember, judges place weight on real facts, not “he said, she said” stories. Reach out to REEHL Investigations today and find out more about the methods we use to catch a cheating spouse. Our team is always professional, ethical and discreet, and we will get to the truth of the matter for you.