Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

There might come a time in your life where you need to hire a private investigator for one reason or another. The top private investigators are licensed to practice in more than one state, which helps them do their job of trailing a subject to numerous destinations. Private investigators from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security are licensed to practice in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and have combined 200-plus years of law enforcement experience. Our staff has compiled a list of reasons why you should hire a private investigator.

Locate Someone from Your Past

Locating someone from your past is one of the most common reasons people choose to hire a private investigator. Maybe it’s a former significant other. Maybe it’s your birth mother or father. Maybe it’s a long-lost sibling. No matter the situation; a private investigator can take the information you provide them and track down the person from your past you wish to speak with or see again.

Prove Infidelity

Do you have a sinking feeling that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? A private investigator in NJ will be able to surveil them at work, after work, and everywhere else they go without giving themselves away from that someone is following them. An investigator might be able to recover deleted messages from your family computer that could prove infidelity. An investigator can also take pictures and videos of your significant other or spouse in an effort to help prove your point that they are cheating.

Investigate Possible Employees

Do you own a business? If so, you might want to go the extra mile and have a private investigator conduct their own investigation into any possible employees before they are offered a job. This type of investigation is much more in-depth than a typical criminal background check conducted by local law enforcement. This is an important option for any company that handles sensitive or classified information.

Find Hidden Assets

Do you have a feeling that your spouse is hiding assets from you? Whether it’s a separate bank account or investment assets, you are well within your rights to find out what these funds or assets are and where they are being held. It takes a lot to make a marriage succeed. You don’t want to spend hours on end at counseling sessions and then find out your spouse has been hiding assets the entire time you were married.

Verify an Injury

If you own a business you will want to do everything possible to protect it. This includes ensuring that an employee is actually injured when they file a claim. It’s not uncommon for employees to fake an injury to simply receive workers’ compensation benefits. Your business will continue to lose money if an employee is faking an injury. That’s why it’s important to have a private investigator follow your employee to ensure he or she is not faking the injury they claim happened on the job.

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