How to Hire a Private Investigator the Right Way

It’s not uncommon for someone to hire a private investigator and then feel like you’ve made the wrong choice. If you’ve hired a private investigator in the past, did you do it correctly? Did you choose the right person? If you are planning to hire a PI in the future, it’s important that you do it the right way so you aren’t disappointed with the results of the investigation led by the PI that you hire. The team from Reehl Investigations LLC & Security has compiled some tips for hiring a private investigator the right way so your case is handled appropriately.

Does the Investigator Interview You?

The best investigators out there will interview you before agreeing to take on your case. Why? It’s so they make sure what you are asking for is not illegal. The best PIs will not conduct an investigation that involves illegal tactics or any other illicit activities. If the private investigator you are interested in does not interview you, it’s a good bet that they might not be on the up and up and you should back away from them immediately.

Does the Firm Have a Speciality?

Does the private investigator specialize in any activity or investigation? Are you specifically looking for a PI who helps identify infidelity? If so, you will want to sign with a firm that handles these types of cases and not just general investigations. Find out the various assignments the firm specializes in before signing on the dotted line. This information will help improve your chances of being happy with the results of the investigation.

Set a Budget and Agree to Terms

Make sure you set a budget before agreeing to terms with the private investigator you choose in New Jersey. The costs of hiring the private investigator shouldn’t break the bank or your budget. If you let the PI know what your budget is, they will likely work with that budget and not try to get more money out of you than you can afford. Once a budget is set you can agree to terms and sign the contract.

Meet the Investigator in Person

It’s best to meet the investigator in person, hopefully, at a brick-and-mortar office in which they operate. This initial meeting makes it much easier to see that it is a legitimate business with a proven track record. Meeting the investigator in person makes it easier to build a relationship, get into a comfort zone, and see if the answers provided are truthful.

Ask for References

Always ask for references from previous or current clients when hiring a private investigator. References are a great way to determine the track record of the investigator and whether or not they have been successful in the past.

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