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Runnemede Private InvestigatorsIf you need a team with an unrivaled level of dependability, integrity, and professionalism, contact the Runnemede private investigators at Reehl Investigations and Security today. We can get to the bottom of your suspicions and find the real truth, and provide the proof you need to move forward.

Facing the reality of an unfaithful spouse or a thieving employee of many years is never easy. You go through a wealth of difficult emotions and feelings of betrayal. But in any situation involving private investigations, you are better off knowing the truth…and having the evidence of that truth.

REEHL Investigations is here to help you with a variety of investigative services.

Services of Our Runnemede Private Investigators

If you suspect that your current or future spouse is being unfaithful, which affects your life decisions, the best thing for you is to find out the truth. REEHL Investigations can confirm your suspicions through many forms of investigation, and provide real evidence to you to help you move forward.

When the reality you’re witnessing doesn’t match what you’ve been told, such as secret bank accounts, we can help you get to the truth. REEHL Investigations can find the answers for you and provide recommendations for moving forward, including dealing with the shock and pain of finding out a painful truth.

Corporations get involved in wrongdoing all the time, from mismanagement, employee misconduct, or third party fraud. If you’re considering partnering with a corporation, REEHL Investigations can conduct thorough research of their inner workings and ensure that company is conducting business lawfully.

We do background searches, pursue leads, look for name changes and prior addresses, and interview associates and friends. If you would like help from a private investigator, reach out to REEHL Investigations today.

In our experience, the information we provide is not always easy for our clients to emotionally and logically process. That’s why we offer post evidence alternatives.

  • Process information gathered following an investigation
  • Evaluate your options going forward
  • Take appropriate action if necessary
  • Deal with the emotional stress
  • Establish a productive path forward

For Employers + Insurance Providers

If there were no witnesses to the accident, they delayed filing a claim, or are filing multiple claims; we can investigate whether the claimant’s injury is real and if it truly was a result of employer negligence. We will provide you with pictures, videos and other evidence needed to challenge the claim.

Reehl Investigations specializes in insurance fraud investigations and false insurance claims. Even at a corporate level, from mismanagement, employee misconduct, or third party fraud – everyone is subject to the lure of getting away with greed.

REEHL Investigations can assist you as a business owner in a variety of areas. We can perform traditional background checks that suit most business needs. However, if you are in a sensitive area of business and need to go beyond traditional checks, we can accommodate your needs.

Our Team

With over 24 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Investigative Services, our clients receive exceptional services through expertise in expansive investigative matters, attention to detail, and investigations conducted with integrity, professionalism, and accurate documentation.

Ed Horner
Ed Horner, founder of Reehl Investigations, began his career in 1993 as a Police Dispatcher. He became a graduate of the Camden County Police Academy in 1994, where he served with integrity and honesty for 11 years as a Patrolman.

Jeffery Craig
Throughout Jeffrey’s career, he has conducted complex investigations that led to hundreds of suspects’ arrest and convictions. He and his team used various investigative techniques, including wiretaps, surveillance, undercover operations, and interviews to gather evidence. These investigations targeted crimes including but not limited to; narcotics distribution, gang violence, homicides, sexual assaults, child abuse, and others.

Johnnie Miller
Johnnie Miller has spent his entire adult life in military and law enforcement roles. He spent five years in the U.S. Navy, followed by a 25 year career serving in the NJ Department of Corrections. Johnnie has over 20 years of Armed Security experience and is fully trained in security and firearms.

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