Haddonfield Private Investigators

Haddonfield Private InvestigatorsThe Haddonfield private investigators on our team are dedicated to your inquiries. Private investigating is a great tool to use in times where one needs to uncover the truth. Using a specialist with the right education and proven methods, they can trace vital information for a variety of needs: 

WORKER’S COMP INVESTIGATIONS- We can investigate whether the claimant’s injury is real and if it truly was a result of employer negligence.

CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS-We can conduct thorough research of their inner workings and ensure that the company is conducting business lawfully. 

SPOUSAL INVESTIGATIONS- We can confirm your suspicions through many forms of investigation, and provide real evidence to help you move forward.

ALIMONY & CHILD SUPPORT –We can also provide searches and discover other hidden information before you commit to a lifelong partnership.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS- We can investigate crime scenes, uncover missing information, or locate that missing witness that can offer vital details.

MISSING PERSON INVESTIGATIONS-We can uncover what happened to that person. We do background searches, pursue leads, look for name changes and prior addresses, and interview associates and friends. 

EMPLOYEE INVESTIGATIONS- Reehl Investigations specializes in insurance fraud investigations and false insurance claims.

Testimonies of Haddonfield Private Investigators

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend the security services of Reehl Investigations to you. Mr. Horner and his organization has proven their reliability and sense of urgency on a multitude of occasions. By doing so, they have been deemed one of Security Resources, Inc.’s top vendors.”

“Hired Reehl Investigation and Security for private ceremony I was sponsoring. I must say they have my utmost respect; their professionalism and performance was outstanding. They made everyone at the event feel safe and in the presence of a team well prepared. Will definitely use their services in the future”.

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