Cherry Hill Private Investigators

REEHL Investigations is ready to serve your need for Cherry Hill private investigators. We are a full-service private investigation and armed security firm, with years of experience delivering first-class private investigative results along with armed security services. We serve clients throughout South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

If you’re dealing with a situation that may end up being debated in a courtroom…be it an unfaithful spouse, an employee abusing worker’s comp, corporate fraud or other transgression, the best weapon you can have on your side is the truth…and full proof and real evidence of the truth. Don’t just go by suspicion and circumstantial evidence. Get the truth on your side…even if it’s a painful truth to face. You are always better off knowing the truth.

Licensed Private Investigators In Your Area

Our firm is a locally owned and operated, licensed agency dedicated to the success of each assignment. Using the best resources available, we provide a personal touch to ensure we fulfill your investigative needs. We specialize in all sorts of investigations, ranging from workers’ compensation, spousal research, and missing persons, to name a few. We find out the truth of what you need to know, and ensure that you have solid evidence of the truth on your side when you need it.

Our armed security personnel have more than 200 years of combined law enforcement experience. With over 24 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Investigative Services, our clients receive exceptional services through expertise in expansive investigative matters, attention to detail, and investigations conducted with integrity, professionalism, and accurate documentation.

We also offer post-evidence alternatives to help you with finding out truths that can turn out to be difficult. We help you to process the information, evaluate your options, take the appropriate action and deal with the emotional stress. If someone you trusted too advantage of you, we help you to put an end to it, and to move forward with the next steps.

Cherry Hill Private Investigators With Experience

Ed Horner, founder of Reehl Investigations, is an experienced Private Investigator. As a member of the Delaware River Port Authority Police Department, he became a graduate of the Camden County Police Academy in 1994, where he served with integrity and honesty for 11 years as a Patrolman.

Jeffrey Craig has worked as an armed security officer and investigator, and has consulted or subcontracted with REEHL Investigations and other Investigation services since 2011. Jeffrey served in the U.S. Army from 1982-1986 in Military Intelligence, with a Top Secret Clearance. His responsibilities included Electronic Warfare Non-communication Interceptor, Space Collection, and Telemetry Identification and Analysis. He formerly served in the Prosecutor’s office of New Jersey, as an Operational Lieutenant serving: Major Crimes/Homicide, Sexual Assault/Child Abuse, Crime Scene/Evidence Management, Homeland Security, and Insurance Fraud.

Johnnie Miller has spent his entire adult life in military and law enforcement roles. He spent five years in the U.S. Navy, followed by a 25 year career serving in the NJ Department of Corrections. Johnnie has over 20 years of Armed Security experience and is fully trained in security and firearms.

Our Cherry Hill private investigators offer an array of private investigation services, both personal and professional. Let us extend this level of investigation to you. Leave your information with us here to tell us what you would like to dive into to protect your interests.

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